‘On Intimacy’ is a book that has changed people’s lives. It’s raw honesty helps us feel we are not so alone while going straight into places we are often too afraid to look at by ourselves. It is a brave book to have written, it is a brave book to read.

Written in bubbling streams of real life tales, the words come from so deep within it feels they have been specifically written for you. It is the vulnerability, soft and trembling, that allows such deep connection.

Real life stories surrounding intimacy are shared and themes connect – or not – so that you, the reader, can find your own path through to what it is to be more you, to be more you with others and to feel deep down when the personal dissolves into the bliss of the universal. And yes, this book walks the muddy path of grabbling with what it is to be and become a simple human being.

‘On Intimacy’ will take you into yourself and move you where it matters.