Julia Robinson, The Author of “On Intimacy”

Julia Robinson, author of “On Intimacy”.

Julia Robinson trumpet player
In a gig in Paros, Greece.

Julia has spent her life out of the box. She has the courage to be who she is regardless of what that may seem to others.

She herself defines her life as one of an adventurer. An apt definition for a person who has travelled half of her life, hitchhiking around the world, getting to know almost 50 countries and living for extended periods in Nepal, Argentina, Australia, the United States, Greece and her country of origin, England.

Siberut Island off Sumatra where due to difficult seas and distance the island was not discoverd by ‘the world’ until the 1800s and were still living in the Iron Age. Here Julia is with the Medicine Man about to do a ceremony. 1996

Her indomitable spirit, her boundless curiosity and her rare courage led her to experiences such as navigating an Amazonian tributary for eleven days in a precarious raft made of trunks by natives, facing death in a mountain experience in the Pyrenees, fighting against authoritarianism and abuse of children in an orphanage in Nepal, studying art on a beautiful island in Greece, selling chickens in the midst of the 2001 crisis in Argentina, writing and dancing in Colorado USA and becoming a certified rafting guide in Chile.

Julia and the kids in the Ashram/Orphanage in Nepal. Head of the school and good at carrying hay. 2004

The surprising thing is that this insatiable appetite for living and savouring life hasn’t hindered her from completing a masters in Jungian Psychoanalysis, becoming a musician, a teacher, having a large following on Facebook for her daily poems, being a model for television and life drawing classes and becoming a writer.

Julia Robinson is presently back in her native England, living in between trees on the banks of the River Dart near Totnes Transition Town, swimming daily in the river, loving being surrounded by the sounds and sights of nature and of course, crafting words. Her writings glow with a rare intensity of life that also manage to imbibe soft wisdom.

Julia’s home metres away from the River Dart in amongst the trees at Abraham’s Wood.

For now Julia alternates her days between playing the trumpet in a swing band and a brass band, writing poems and prose, modelling for drawing classes and learning the art of loving.

She finances her very particular way of life by selling her books, giving therapy sessions to patients in English and Spanish over Skype, as well as giving fascinating English classes as a second language.

Julia in her home on Paros

Writing around her poems, and crafting prose to give them context and accessibility she hopes to inspire people to connect more fully to their inner worlds, to go beyond the individual – and to connect to life in a more meaningful way.

Can you image if we all embark upon a new way to be in this one precious world? How everything can change! On the count of three…


Julia Robinson Author
Phillippe Halsman took photos of celebrities for Time Magazine in the 50s. After the official shoot he’d ask them if they’d take part in his personal project: Jumpology. It consisted of taking photos of these public figures jumping. In the effort to do so these glossy celebrities forget to maintain face and let slip through their true personalities. (Marilyn Monroe did hundreds of shots before she would allow on of them to be published!) Standing in the uniform queue in of the Autumn 2016 brass band contest in Torquay, despite rather conservative traditions, Julia decided to give it a go.