Manifesto: Art Out Of The Room

This is a project created by Raimonds Cirulis in conjunction with the Ogre Municipality, Latvia. For the translated version in Latvian please see

Manifesto: Art Out Of The Room


  • Bring art to the street to make it accessible to all.
  • Create space within community for creation of culture.
  • Creativity is a state of mind that we can use to make our lives richer.
  • Prepare the individual and collective mind for global change.
  • The mission of the artist is to send light to the depths of the human heart. (Schumann)
  • A small initiation to art can impact the common person’s life in immeasurable, extraordinary ways.
  • Art is a mirror to who we presently are.
  • Creation is a first step on a path to Love.
  • Development of conscious ethics and morals.
  • Art comes from the soul, it converts the artist into a creator not a repeater.
  • Are we constraining art so that it cannot benefit all of society?
  • Liberation, surely, is to become our own individual being?
  • What can we do to return to a healthy, balanced world?
  • To create art is to create a world.
  • Bring art onto the streets to motivate each one of us to contribute to culture in their own unique way.


One of the practical ways that we can evolve as a human society is to move art into the street – out from the ‘white box’ of the gallery and the art museum – to an open place that all types of people are comfortable accessing. Art Out Of The Room gives people of all walks of life the space and freedom to react to new experiences in their own personal way without the constraints of silent white walls.

As Kandinsky says, ‘The spirit, like the body, can be strengthened and developed by frequent exercise. Just as the body, if neglected, grows weaker and finally impotent, so the spirit perishes if untended.’

Art within rooms has so many barriers to reach the general public: time, entrance tickets, the daunting entrance into worlds unknown, the intimidation of elitism, fears of inaccessible ideas that cannot be easily talked about. Art on the street breaks down the idea that art needs an erudite knowledge and encourages simple, honest, sensorial responses of genuine feeling experiences. It allows the artist to talk to people and to adapt their approach to each individual. This creates a connection at a humane level opening space for the public to ask questions and the artist to observe the reaction of many different kinds of people to their work. This produces invaluable feedback that otherwise would have been impossible for both the artists and viewers.

This project allows art to come to the people, rather than making people overcome so many barriers to get to it. It allows people who would never enter a gallery to be stimulated by what otherwise they would never have seen. Art on the street impacts the cultural community to create culture where presently there is little motivation. It gives the common person the confidence to access their own contributions.

Art Out Of The Room is not only a concept to make art accessible for people from any background, but also for the artist, for the street doesn’t have the traditional barriers generally encountered with galleries – managers, regulations, waiting lists fully booked for years in advance and the stress of covering associated costs. Art Out Of The Room gives the opportunity for the artist to easily overcome these barriers to be able to show their work to the public. The artist is able to show their work in a space that is owned by everyone. It lets Art breathe.

Art arises out from the street, out from the experiences of what it is to be part of humanity; we should allow it to go back to the street, to be able to give back to its source and to give back to humanity. Art Out Of The Room gives art a greater chance to weave its magic.

But what is Art? And why is it so important that people interact with it?

Art and creative societies are the only communities that can realistically survive in the long term. Art allows a vision of who we are and how we think and interpret reality. It opens avenues for us to become aware of who we are becoming as individuals and as a collective. Art fosters creativity within artists and within its observers, and creativity is what allows us to grow as people, as a society, to adapt to what is, right here, right now. Creativity is a state of mind that we can use to make our lives richer.

Allowing people to have greater exposure to art – when it is let free from rooms and can be accessed in the daily life of the street – prepares the individual and collective mind for global change. It allows societies to evolve. Art allows the deconstruction of the mind’s obsolete patterns and opens the heart to be able to see the world in new ways: to create and evolve culture.

But, yet another question, what is culture?

Culture is the organisation and structure of a society – it is the state of art of this here and now – at the community, group, family and individual level. Culture embraces and contains our interaction and understanding of important aspects of life such as education, philosophy, politics, relationships and the understanding of the social fabric and it unifies all these varying aspects of life. Culture can be seen as the development of the Spirit of a town, of a society, of a family and its individuals.

To create culture it is essential that it be imparted in the early years of one’s life and be continually developed as we grow into old age. Our lives weave in and out of questions such as, ‘What are values?’ ‘What are ethics?’ ‘What are aesthetics?’ ‘What is beauty?’ ‘What is it to be alive?’ and the enquiry into questions such as these creates a culture within and between us. Nature, the base of culture, creates a feedback of senses of how it is to live, to be alive on this planet as living, moving, breathing beings. Art reflects nature. Schumann said that the mission of the artist is to send light to the depths of the human heart.

A small initiation to art can impact the common person’s life in immeasurable, extraordinary ways.

The way of art is the path to freedom because there is no ‘must’ in art – because art is free, but this freedom needs responsibility and preparation of each individual. Art is a mirror to who we presently are. Stepping onto the path of creation is stepping onto a path that leads to Love. As Kandinsky says, ‘There will come a time when art will overflow its containing boundaries, so life itself becomes a work of art.’

This is not from only from doing, but from developing conscious ethics and morals. The industrial society leads to the development of technology and homogenization. Factory lines create exact repetition. The cultural society is in opposition to this as it arises from the origin from where we all emanate and which we each express in our unique way. Art comes from the soul, it converts the artist into a creator not a repeater. This unique expression of experience of who we are feeds the soul, both of the artist and the viewer.

Culture must balance these two tendencies, but it certainly feels that as a modern society we are heading in the wrong direction, we need only look at our ecology, our society and our traditions that are breaking down. We are being consumed as we consume.

But how can we liberate ourselves from this modern slavery of unbalanced homogenised consumerism? It is to become individual. It is to find our individual spirit, not a repetition of another but our own unique expression of our Origin, as we become motivated to discover our own soul and that which is Eternal.

When we create, we directly become part of the process of becoming ourselves and of co-creating culture, of co-creating with life. Art and sharing of our artistic expressions motivates both ourselves and others to embark upon this path.

Democracy in its truest sense was created in Athens by the Ancient Greeks, in which they did not censor artistic, creative expression but collected minds and knowledge: writers, musicians, scientists, philosophers, artists – all were untouchable. Why? Because the Ancient Greeks understood the necessity and the benefits to everyone of having minds reflect back to society who we are, who we are becoming.

And yet another question begs: what have we done in this modern world to art and artists? Has it become yet another commodity for those with resources? Are we constraining art so that it cannot benefit all of society?

What can we do to return to a healthy balanced world?

We each have our own path, our own responsibility to explore the freedom of our uniqueness. Art can be our initiator, art can be a series of sign posts along each of our individual journeys to becoming our truer selves, to living our own answers, to discovering who we are and being it on purpose. Art, when given the space to open up in a community, affects the fabric of who we become, at an individual level right through to a global level. To create art is to create a world.

This project Art Out Of The Room is proposed as a potential for a small push in that direction, not just for gallery goers and art lovers, but for all who walk down the streets of our society. This is a project that can be developed across cultures, across the world. Art Out Of The Room is a project that aims to enrich us all.


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