Praise for ‘On Intimacy’


I literally can’t put it down it’s soooo good. I’m torn between wanting to keep some of it back like that special chocolate you mustn’t wolf down in one go or, well, wolfing it down… Thank you, it’s having a fantastic effect on me. You might say it’s life changing. xxx


This book is strong and poetic. The little spiritual stories and all the dialogues are beautiful. The part where you describe your awakening is the most beautiful description I’ve ever read. I was even crying because it’s so beautiful. Congratulations.


I admire how you work through your own knots and come out realising that you are a wonderful person, that you are gifted and talented and a great artist, but the thing that I most most admire about you is your ability to understand others, to get them, to be able to accompany such a broad range of people through their intimacies that normally people have to go through alone….


Like our lives, On Intimacy is meandering, yet full of emotional depth and above all reality. It’s like a best friend, knows how to listen, how to give advice when wanted, how to contain silence. It has space and distance in it, hard to achieve in writing, more often found in music.


‘A massive gossip! The chat that we all wish we could have with our girlfriends every single day because we’d all be much healthier for it but time and space just sort of get in the way – so it’s really nice just to read it.’


‘I felt that I was in a different dimension, a parallel universe, finding new meanings and universes which didn’t necessarily have anything to do with the original words. Quite delightful.’


‘I love it. I couldn’t put it down. By the end of the day all the housework had built up and the place was a tip!’


Your words are in the same category as Tove Jansson and Ali Smith…I save their words and yours, to read gently and be able to savour them in unpressured time.


As a reader I feel absolutely blessed with your truth and honesty about everything. Your poems too are extraordinary – loved them. Some of them, like the empty plate, are world class. Congratulations!


Fucking amazing writing, I feel so privileged to be able to read your story. Thank you for allowing me.


Started reading. Blown away. I am in love with your words. I slowed to the time of your tree. Right down to the nth moment. Savouring each moment until the world snatched me back, poo. X


Julia!  I’m really really loving your book! It’s so meditative, each time I pick it up after a page, I’m trying the imagining, meditate things you describe. Really like the one on imagining feeling grateful. Funnily enough, the day after doing so, I felt incredibly grateful and had the best day, improvising in the morning, then making love in pm and then playing with kids… Just simply a great day!


So love how you express that so much of life is simply being present to what is, being grateful, knowing that ‘I am good enough’ and so just letting go into that place where I can trust. It’s great to envisage this in concerts and where I want to go professionally…. As I always have such selfdoubt over this. Thank you so much for sharing!!


I found her smart, with a deep sense of humor and a very pretty woman


Her wicked humour and stunning presence are spellbinding.


It is beautifully written and also very daring of you to speak so openly and personally about such an important topic. The poems are beautiful too and the whole way you have set it up as a journey for the reader (reflecting your journey), I felt was very delicate and moving, and original too. It deserves a large audience!