Shiva’s Lightsaber Blog

Shiva’s Lightsaber celebrates 10 years of being in existence! Words weaving in and out of deep themes, light themes, silly themes. Myths, depth psychology, and just what has been happening to me in my life, such as Honeymoon: ready for any eventuality and gee whizz were we put through the rungs. Sometimes it’s ever so nice to know at the pit of existence, in a slightly smelly damp bed, with rainwater creating an interior water feature, living from pocket to pocket, it stares us in the face: there are no excuses why we are together – not money, fame or fortune – there can be no underlying cause. We simply like each other. As it sunk in as slowly as the rain ran down the wall, the gritty real moved like silk into the smooth luxory of being together because we want to be, whatever. The springing of love?

As the blog page’s blurb says: In the interplay of shadows and light it´s not what you look at, but what you see.

As for the name Shiva – one of the Supreme Beings of Hinduism the creator and destroyer of all things – uses his sharp sword to cut through the crap and penetrate into what is real. I like the merge with the Luke Skywalker and his lightsaber: I think it brings the idea of the sword of reality (occidentally) home. “Saber” in Spanish is ‘to know’ and also ‘to taste’ or ‘to savour’. A ‘sabio’ is a wise one who savours the Truth.

Light needs dark matter to discover itself by contrasting in the empty mirror.